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About Jared

My sister and I playing piano.

Name’s Jared Ryan Lawson. I chose the word Я in my middle name honestly because of it’s meaning: I, me, mine, myself. It’s Russian and yeah no shit I’m not Russian nor speak Russian but it fits.

I was born in a town called Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin in 1981. Not too sure what the town is all about except that it gets cold.. as fuck. And besides, I only saw my biological dad once when I was 16. Idk.. I went up there for like a week when I was in high school.. saw him.. saw some “family”.. came back to Naples. Yeah. Lame.

So, my Mom and I moved down here to Naples, Florida when I was about 6 months old. I can say, however, that growing up in this small ass town has really been pretty shitty. I’m so serious.

But as you can see I’ve always been fascinated with art, and writing, and with music. Early on in my life my interests were truly cultivated during my younger years and then further developed throughout my teenage years. I was in art and music throughout elementary and middle school and carried on into high school for only a couple years when I ended up taking the wrong path.

As a child I didn’t win any awards for my talent. I was always just the loner.

I ended up going to school later on in my 20’s and earned myself a measly Associate’s in Science, which was really the only time I ever did real well in school. BUT I graduated with a 3.7 GPA and earned myself Cum Laude honors. I guess that’s one thing I could be proud of. What do y’all think? Nah… not in these days.

But after completing my degree I just went off to working. I never really did work in the field I studied in, which was so dumb of me to have never studied music or even art. To be honest, it was just because of the girl I was with at the time. Although, I do think now she might of just been using me to get herself a degree anyway. Whatever. I’ma chump.

Now I’m 40 years old. And figured I need to get something going. I need to make something out of this life. Because God surely is trying to prove a point with me.

I’ve been through a lot and I’ve done a lot of things throughout my years. Most things I just set down and picked back up again.

Idk… BUT

I’m a writer. And I feel I’m a good writer. I can be a better writer for sure and that’s one of the reasons I started my blog back up again. Mainly to get my words out.. start writing and song writing.. maybe. Idk but look.. music has always been my passion. And writing.. well.. that’s like therapy to me. I guess I’m weird.

I have a story to tell; and here is where I’ll tell it.

Bullshit #CamperLife

So I tried the whole camper life thing… turned out to be a complete fail. Maybe it’s because of the town I tried to make it in.. I mean it’s really not a place to try and start a life. It’s really for the rich and retired. Sucks big time because I can’t ever seem to get ahead and I’m 41 now with nothing to even be proud of. Yeah… there really isn’t much good I can say about this place. And the women.. omg all they care about is how much money you can give them. And when you run dry.. well… they’re just off to the next chump who’ll fall for their lies of “I love you”.

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