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I’m Homeless..

As fuck. Like I’m literally in the bush sleeping in a fucking tent right now. And the fucked up part about it is that no one who knows me really gives a flying fuck. I guess they all believe this is what’s best for me. Or “he’s good”, “he’ll figure […]

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I was doing some thinking.. I wanted to make a blog post but I always get this feeling like it has to be a certain length. It’s like here I go again.. like I’m giving myself some rules on my own damn website about how long MY posts should be. […]

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Server Updates

Okay so my VPN server received a full system upgrade to a new faster Ryzen server so I pretty much lost that connection and had to redo my whole pihole server again. All good but the good news is that I still self host my websites so I didn’t lose […]

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Server Update

So as you can see me website is kinda back to the original demo content again. Well… I decided to switch my webserver to my little neo3 instead of the pi 4. I have different plans for the pi and honestly the websites are a bit snappier on the neo […]

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Coleman Pop-up Camper Hard Sides

Okay so I’ve decided that I NEED TO convert this pop-up into a hard side. There has been a lot of hard wind gusts here in Florida the past couple days and it’s already ripped up the canvas. So I really could use some support.. hurricane season is about to […]

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Just some random shit on my mind

For some reason tonight I really felt like I needed to get back to writing on here again.. Like, for the past week or so I’ve been kinda busy doing some work and my birthday was on the 6th — just turned 41 yay! ???? Forty fucking one, huh? And […]

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It’s been a bit

Yeah it’s been a bit since I’ve made a blog post or even done any work to my website here. I’ve kinda been a bit busy with some work — a floor actually — and getting rent paid and holy fucking shit.. probation too. That one right there really stresses […]

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Update 03/18/2022

Yesterday for some reason I had a weird fucking headache all damn day and really couldn’t think ???? for shit. Today though, I’m good and since I don’t have any other work ???? to do today I figured I should do some work here on my website again. It’s not […]

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Here’s a little update

Well, I guess y’all can see that I’ve been a bit busy doing some work to my Pi server and the website again. Figured since I had a fuck ton of time on my hands I should use it to get some things done here. One nice feature that I […]

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