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Challenging Stereotypes: Breaking Down the Beard Stigma for Homeless Individuals

In a world where stereotypes persist, one peculiar association has emerged – the link between beards and homelessness. This stereotype can have profound effects on individuals who sport facial hair, impacting their self-esteem and perpetuating misconceptions about homelessness. In this blog post, we’ll explore the origins of this stereotype and […]

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A Mirror’s Regretful Symphony

In a childhood’s vow, a binding tie,A promise made, beneath this sky.Mirror’s scorn, reflections bleed,Hating the path, planted like seeds. A world so cold, shadows play,Chasing echoes, this is day by day?Running from a self untold,In the maze, the heart grows cold. Liquid solace, a fleeting flight,Tomorrow’s absence, drowned by […]

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Cosmic Charm: Unveiling Her Allure

In twilight’s hue, where shadows blend,Leia, a mystery, words can’t comprehend.A captivating aura, subtle and rare,Her essence, a cosmic, alluring affair. No sorcery named, just a subtle grace,In her presence, emotions find their space.Unveiling layers, a delicate art,Leia’s charm, a captivating part. Her touch, a gentle, enchanting spell,In the realm […]

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Every Day’s Gift

In dawn’s embrace, a gift unfolds,Each day, a tale yet to be told.With gratitude, the heart beats strong,Embracing moments, short or long. Sunrise whispers in hues of gold,A symphony of stories yet untold.In every breath, a chance to find,The beauty in each day assigned. No promise of what the morrow […]

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I’m Homeless..

As fuck. Like I’m literally in the bush sleeping in a fucking tent right now. And the fucked up part about it is that no one who knows me really gives a flying fuck. I guess they all believe this is what’s best for me. Or “he’s good”, “he’ll figure […]

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I was doing some thinking.. I wanted to make a blog post but I always get this feeling like it has to be a certain length. It’s like here I go again.. like I’m giving myself some rules on my own damn website about how long MY posts should be. […]

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Server Updates

Okay so my VPN server received a full system upgrade to a new faster Ryzen server so I pretty much lost that connection and had to redo my whole pihole server again. All good but the good news is that I still self host my websites so I didn’t lose […]

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