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Hello world!

We all need to have a Hello World.. right?? Well.. here’s mine ????

Welcome to my F***ING WordPress site. I’m starting all over again for idk like maybe the 100th time. But I think I’m gonna just keep it running off my Pi.

I’ll come back to this post after I tweak the theme a bit.

I really haven’t worked on any of this really. I’ve been testing out which device would be best for my Minecraft server and which one would be best for my websites. I think I’ve decided and I’m going to use mini for the Minecraft server and the Pi for my websites (WordPress and phpBB).

I’m gonna roll a joint and come back to this and posts some updates…

So I’m looking at my website’s theme and really I’m thinking I’m not going to be making any albums. And the fucked up thing is that I’ve always wanted to make music. I fucked up and walked away from music back in highschool. And now I think I’m just too old. I wasted way too many years and let a lot of shit in my way. And especially fucked up getting into trouble a lot throughout the years. Really set me back a number nof times. I’ve started over way too many times and honestly.. I want this to be the last time. I do like to write. And I’m told at times that I’m a good writer.. which reminds me that I need to write some articles.. and yes this is good a good way for me to get back into writing again.

I really do have to stop and think what’s been stopping me all these years. I do need to stop and admit that is was myself stopping me. That I was was the one with my lustful desires.

Look, I don’t want to be that way anymore and I want to be able to get shit out and off my chest without being judged by someone.

I like I can sit here and write things and not worry about the wrong person seeing it or reading it. But really, I do want people to read these posts. So I’ve been sitting here thinking about what I should actually blog about.. I questioned myself if I should just blog about myself and really.. I think that’s it. Although, I do need to figure out what people are actually interested in reading about. I don’t want my writings and things I share to be lame or uninteresting. Granted, social media really fucked me up with that.

So here’s the thing.. I do want to be able to share some things publicly and share some things with members here on my website.

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