Jared Я. Lawson

Eternal Strife

She moves with spite, in life’s endless fight,She strikes hard, and leaves burning scars. In a darkened night, with trials, and pain, She sends our light. The one to trust, The Morning Star’s lust.

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Echoes in the Night

In the stillness of the night, where shadows intertwine,A corridor, a sanctuary, in destinys design.Through wilderness we tread our pathGuided by echoes of kinship, a tale woven with threads. Amidst the hopes we wander in shadowy castSeeking solace within the dwelling of Norns past.Loss echoes through seasons like a verseA […]

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Embracing Solitude: A Journey to Self-Discovery

In a world that clamors for constant connection, there’s a quiet yet powerful journey that unfolds when one chooses to embrace solitude. At 42, as life takes unexpected turns, the exploration of self-discovery becomes not just a path but a destination in its own right. The Introspective Pause Solitude is […]

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Challenging Stereotypes: Breaking Down the Beard Stigma for Homeless Individuals

In a world where stereotypes persist, one peculiar association has emerged – the link between beards and homelessness. This stereotype can have profound effects on individuals who sport facial hair, impacting their self-esteem and perpetuating misconceptions about homelessness. In this blog post, we’ll explore the origins of this stereotype and […]

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