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Echoes in the Night

In the stillness of the night, where shadows intertwine,
A corridor, a sanctuary, in destinys design.
Through wilderness we tread our path
Guided by echoes of kinship, a tale woven with threads.

Amidst the hopes we wander in shadowy cast
Seeking solace within the dwelling of Norns past.
Loss echoes through seasons like a verse
A mothers absence, a tale whispered by converse.

Though lacking a ship to steer our journey unfurls,
Facing challenges in realms where sagas are told.
We dance with Odins wisdom embraced and embraced,
Turning setbacks into triumphs, within Friggs space.

A tapestry of struggles woven by Norns decree
Each stumble transformed into stride under Freyjas sea.
In lifes saga where Thors thunder takes its stand
Shadows are transformed into Lokis planned mischief grand.


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