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Here’s a little update

Well, I guess y’all can see that I’ve been a bit busy doing some work to my Pi server and the website again. Figured since I had a fuck ton of time on my hands I should use it to get some things done here.

One nice feature that I added was the Patreon plugin so not all of my things can be accessed for free. Now, I do have plans of giving out a free hoodie to those who make a donation of say.. $50 or more but.. I haven’t came up with some artwork yet and when I do I’ll for sure make another post about it.

Idk.. I’m just laying here about to call it a night and get back at it a little later on today.. because I do still have a bit of work yet to do and a lot more content to post but… my eyes are fucking burning right about now from looking at this screen.

Yeah so feel free to hmu on chat here too. I can’t say that I’ll reply instantly but I do get notified so.. check that out sometime as well. I’ll eventually write up everything I got going on here as well as how y’all can have access to my private forum.

Off to bed now ???? I have to go on a mission tomorrow.. well.. today that is. Plus, I need to work on my email server too. I’m using Postfix, Dovecot and MySQL. Idk if I wanna run it off the Pi yet so I’m thinking of running it off one of my VPS’.. haven’t really decided on that yet but.. I think I’m leaning more towards the VPS. ????

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