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I’m Homeless..

As fuck. Like I’m literally in the bush sleeping in a fucking tent right now. And the fucked up part about it is that no one who knows me really gives a flying fuck. I guess they all believe this is what’s best for me. Or “he’s good”, “he’ll figure it out”..

And maybe that’s true in their minds but I really don’t know if that’s true in my mind. In my reality.

But since I left that psycho schizophrenic meth creeper of a “landlord’s” bullshit porch room rental, I really don’t know where to go. I tried the local homeless shelter (Saint Matthew’s House) but I was told they would be giving me regular drug tests, which is fine, but I’m a medical marijuana patient. And the guy informed me if my levels weren’t dropping during my stay there I would be asked to leave. Well.. here’s the thing though.. it’s my fucking prescription and my levels will NOT go down. Anyway, I just got up and left before I blew a gasket on the guy.

SO basically I would have to stop taking my prescription to have shelter.

Yeah… fucked up.

Idk I was told by my sister and by Leia that I made a bad decision by leaving because I had a roof over my head but honestly the guy was legit schizophrenic and he smoked hella meth with the money I gave him for rent. I paid the fucking guy $700 a month to stay on his nappy ass porch that I had to put a window ac unit in at. Whatever. The point is the guy thinks he’s the new Jesus and I can’t be around meth. Period. I ain’t about that meth life. Never have and never will.

Anyway, I uploaded some videos to my YouTube Channel about being homeless. They’re kinda lame right now but.. hey it’s a start. I do want to share with y’all what’s been going on with me lately anyway.

It’s real rough right now and honestly.. I really have no one by my side.

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