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Update 03/18/2022

Yesterday for some reason I had a weird fucking headache all damn day and really couldn’t think ???? for shit. Today though, I’m good and since I don’t have any other work ???? to do today I figured I should do some work here on my website again. It’s not making me money and paying my rent but it’s a place where I can go to, to just be me. And honestly, social media has destroyed that.

But anyway, little-by-little I’ve been working on my site here. And I think I’m just about done with how I want it to look.. Although, I’m not really sure if I’m ever going to use the Events page on here or even the widget on the home page. It’s just demo content so… I’ll probably be getting rid of that here pretty soon too. And yes there is still some dummy text and demo placeholders on my site here but bare with me here I’m still under construction. ????

Um also, if you register you do have access to most of my content on here, which of course I’ll be adding more and more to now. And really, the reason for this is because I’m just done with social media. All I really cared about was who liked it or what friend saw it and commented on it and really.. for the years I was on there that NEVER happened.

What I have setup here is that once you register and are approved you’ll be able to Login see more menu items to pages like my Photo and Video galleries. Also, you’ll be able to gain access to The Forums as well. But to access The Forums you’ll need to request a VPN key. I have my own WireGuard VPN as well so you’ll need to be connected to that first before you can even access The Forums.

Yeah.. I have a little bit of shit going on here to write about. Especially how I’m running this website off my Raspberry Pi 4 in a Docker container. ???? Also, I’ve been working on getting my Patreon going as well. It looks like I can offer merch as well like I talked about in my previous update post. I think giving out a hoodie would be a cool way to get things started with my Patrons. Idk.. I have a lot of time on my hands now with being on probation.. not being able to drive.. and now Leia just told me last weekend that I can’t be mad at her for her living her life. Huh? Yes I can be mad at her for her living her life WITHOUT me! ????

Anyway, I have some design work to do here on my website and a bit of thinking ???? to do… maybe smoke another joint and meditate for a bit and just clear my mind and all the negativity…

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